"Notes from the Underground" is a scholarly reviewed pubication or historical pamphlet that we edit, write for, and disseminate each Fall and Spring semester across the Southeast campus of Tarrant County College in Arlington, Texas.  This website serves as an archive of all our past editions.  The publication features articles written by faculty and students over a diverse array of interesting, important, and/or controversial historical topics that are designed to introduce themes, concepts, ideas, or events/processes to readers so as to inspire them to learn more and research on their own. It also functions as an outlet through which to promote the interests and mission of The Historical Underground, which is Southeast campus' sole (and soul) historical organization.

The Historical Underground is about promoting awareness and education for students about the nature of history, its central importance for understanding the world we live in and are a part of, as well as preparing them to participate actively in our society and the world at large.  Obviously, we agree with the influential historian, Robert Caro, that “[t]he power of history is in the end the greatest power," which means it is an indispensable part of our society as a whole.  In order to take control over life, you must start by taking control over your past.  There are so many lessons to be learned from history about politics, society, culture, and economics, and Notes from the Underground wants to promote them.

In a way, then, The Historical Underground is our vehicle for action, and Notes from the Underground is our mouthpiece for knowledge, information, and action. History is our weapon of choice and we hope to use it to inculcate a life-long passion for the humanities in the minds of those who read our version of it and participate in this powerful initiative to bring history alive in the community.